On Procuring Good Words

We love words. We love the packages they come in, all shapes, forms, sights, smells and sounds of them. On paper, on discs, on screens, we love them all.

However, we don’t necessarily need to own them all ourselves—that way lies madness (and bankruptcy). That’s why there are libraries.

We love libraries, those vast treasuries filled floor to ceiling with more new and old books (paper, audio, electronic), videos, and discs than you can find in any physical store. And though some of those words may take time, we are patient, and even relish the anticipation of watching our waiting-list number for a popular read fall ever closer to single digits. We can wait. We will love them all the more for it. And, just as delightful, is that if for some reason it turns out to be a lemon, we will not have paid money for it, or have to make room for a new doorstop in the house. So please, love your local library. And if you really want to put your money where it will grow good things, support it financially as well.

All that being true, still there are the really good words we love to own. And we read them again and love them again and share them with friends who don’t return them and so we must buy them again and read them again and share them again… and that’s okay too. Our shelves are full of well-loved words.

Darla Rehorst


2 thoughts on “On Procuring Good Words

  1. SW

    Dearest Aardvark-in-Chief,

    Any recommendations on which book I should read to mark the advent of 2012? Hmmm…did I use “advent” correctly? Suddenly I am nervous to put fingers to keyboard!

  2. Dear SW,
    No word nerves! We at the Aardvark look things up constantly. It’s fun. We learn stuff.

    As for books: watch for posts. I think your question deserves one all to itself. Thanks!

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