About the Aardvark

The Aardvark’s Bizarre is all about words. We love words. They taste magnificent and delicious. We swirl them around on our tongues. We eat them for breakfast (after we use the raisins to spell things in our oatmeal). We don’t care where they’ve come from—books or screenplays or songs or just witty quotes from random people. All are welcome. (And while we aren’t concerned with where they come from, we always ask them anyway, just because we’re curious.)

And so here in the pages of our publication, you will find the words and stories and songs that delight us, pique our curiosities, that tickle our fancies and bumple our gooses. We will share the good words we find with you, from wherever they have traveled, and we hope you will delight in them as well.

– The Staff of The Aardvark’s Bizarre

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