Haiku Tuesdays: Dastard

Well, it’s officially fall now in both date and weather. It’s my most-beloved season—season of warm tea, hot chocolate, crackling fireplaces, and crunchy leaves. However, it is also evidently my turn for marshmallow head—the unfortunate condition in which one’s sinus cavities feel as if they have been stuffed with marshmallows. Sniff, sniff.

Marshmallows should only be allowed in hot chocolate. There should be laws about this.

But welcome back, Haiku Tuesday. I have missed you, and look forward to reveling in all the small-and-ingenious creations of the Aardvark’s friends. Don’t know the game? Read this and join in.

Today’s word? Dastard (n): a dishonorable or despicable man.

Wrangler of disease
Microscopic germ shepherd
He’s trained the foul things

Mindless fluffy fiends
He lets them loiter, chewing
On my crumpled thoughts

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5 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesdays: Dastard

  1. Will B

    The world’s greatest fiends
    Depended upon a mass
    Of law-abiders.

  2. Will B

    Strange that I should be
    More angry at this car here
    Than evil elsewhere.

  3. Will B

    Halloween pranksters
    Decorated all my trees
    With rolls of TP.

    (the little dastards)

  4. Will B

    American boys
    Are never, ever given
    The name “Benedict.”

  5. Nancy Drigans

    If it wasn’t for
    The little dastards would the
    Sky always be blue?

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