A Rose By Any Other Name…

There could be a lot of preamble here about how naming things and/or people is not only important, but fun. But for now, the name I’m having the most fun with?

Benedict Cumberbatch.

What a fantastic, delightful name. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, two friends of mine suggested I look into the BBC’s reworking of Sherlock Holmes, simply called Sherlock. It took me awhile to get to it (the first series aired in 2010) but right they were. Quick, neat, charming, devious. Fun. And playing Sherlock? That would be Benedict Cumberbatch.

The BBC has modernized it (ie: Sherlock’s stories are told on Watson’s blog), but it’s still witty and webby surrounding the science of deduction. Watson (Martin Freeman) is a great foil for Sherlock, and their relationship, which begins uncertainly, quickly transforms into something quirky and delightful.

As usual for British television shows, the seasons are short–the first two seasons are out and each has only three episodes. (Netflix has Season One on their Instant Queue.)

Patience is a virtue, I’m sure. But waiting for more Sherlock is not really where I want to work on developing it. Especially after meeting Moriarty.


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