Haiku Tuesdays: Precipice

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to take five minutes out of your day to smile, create, and enjoy.

For those of you just joining us, Haiku Tuesdays (explained more here) is a small, fun workout for your spontaneity muscles.

For those of you who posted last week—thank you! They were delicious and nutritious.

Today’s random word from my trusty, rusty pocket dictionary… Precipice: a steep cliff.
Post your seventeen syllables here!

Down in my abyss
Not stuff of dark nightmares but
Soft, fuzzy monsters

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8 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesdays: Precipice

  1. Will B

    Don’t give me a nudge
    As I fear to even budge
    On this ledge high up —- Oh, fudge!

  2. Will B

    Vastness, void, peril.
    So novel to me. A thrill.
    But not to the birds.

  3. Will B

    I shall never go
    Near the precipice, oh, no.
    I have vertigo.

  4. Will B

    When atop I fear
    But at the bottom I’m calm.
    Gravity scares me.

  5. For those who don’t know, Will has tremendous deadlines this week and is still managing to be one of the most creative people I know. [insert sound of wild applause here]

    • Will B

      A bulb is always brightest just before it burns out, I’m afraid. In any event, I’ve needed a few “haiku breaks” this morning.

      Thank you for the elipsical applause — and for Haiku Tuesday.

  6. Carmen

    Standing near the edge,
    my feet panic in my shoes.
    But what a great view.

  7. Helen

    Falling? No. Flying!
    The edge is not the cause, dear,
    Just the catalyst

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