Haiku Tuesdays: Welcome

Welcome to Haiku Tuesdays, in which we test the slightly murky waters of creativity and possible group participation.

Every now and then I like to carry around a pocket dictionary, pick a word at random and write about the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a fun little exercise for my spontaneity muscles, which don’t always get much of a workout. There’s no great effort at profundity, no hard and fast rules, just a fun splutter of words, somewhat akin to Jackson Pollock somewhat-strategically chucking paint at a canvas to see what the colors look like.

And so, in the spirit of somewhat-strategically chucking words on a page, I thought it might be fun to throw the exercise out here, both for my own practice and to see if anyone else is up for joining in. For the sake of brevity, it occurred to me that haikus might be a nice loose framework to play with. There are lots of nuances and symbolism and imagery in more formal, traditional haiku, which you can read all about here, but for the sake of fun, let’s just go with hitting seventeen syllables in a 5x7x5 line structure.

Here’s the game:
• I’ll pick a word out of my magic word book and throw my own little entry up.
• You take my word, or any other word you happen to like, and post your own little entry up.

No overthinking, please. Use this for a 5-minute brain break from something else in your day. Smile. Write. Enjoy.
And remember, always check the box that says, “Yes, thanks, I like fun.”

And so, little magic dictionary, here we go. Today’s word is… chauffeur.

Driving endlessly
Night blurs hues of reds and greens
Near misses with squirrels

Happy haiku everybody!

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9 thoughts on “Haiku Tuesdays: Welcome

  1. kahprof

    Polite and proper
    Quietly whisks me away
    Anywhere but here.

  2. Will B

    My doggerel ran
    Under a limo and now
    She is quite averse.

  3. Lovely. Crazy. Wonderful.

  4. Susan

    Cap tie big black car
    Engine purring like a cat
    Who is in the back

  5. Tom

    In the front clear view
    In the back vision obscured
    Select your own seat

  6. Amelia

    Enables her whims
    Without regard for his own
    “Where to tonight, miss?”

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